Electric scooters

Not only for children: electric scooters

Our devices are the perfect solution for moving around the city. They combine simplicity of use with a long range as well as fun and affordable price. Electric scooters can be easily transported in a car, tram or bus, making them an excellent vehicle for moving around the city and beyond. An electric scooter will make commuting to work and school much more pleasant and faster.

Delicious fun, but also a great way for everyday commuting or occasional trips around the area is to ride an electric scooter. It is difficult to find an easier-to-use means of transport, which would be able to reach speeds of up to 30 km / h. As it is foldable, it can be transported not only in the trunk of a car, but even in a tram or bus for use in another part of the city. Our devices are available at an attractive price and of course have brakes and LED lighting. They are suitable both for fun for children and for practical use by adults.

Drivers stand in traffic jams, risk crashes and look for parking spaces (and often have to pay for them). The owner of the electric scooter gets to the place quickly, moving along bicycle paths or sidewalks, and the vehicle is folded in a few seconds and taken with him. Folding and unfolding is very simple, and the product itself is light and handy. Some models sold in our store can even be immobilized using the smartphone application, which also allows you to set the maximum speed. This is useful for parents who want to ensure the safety of their child riding a scooter. The product only takes two hours to fully charge the battery. It is enough to travel several (or even 20) kilometers. Price? Electric scooters have prices similar to bicycles.

We sell electric scooters, of course, with chargers and instructions in Polish. Its operation is very easy to learn, thanks to which everyone is able to move it efficiently after a while. The price of the device also includes a two-year "door-to-door" warranty, which confirms the quality and reliability of these small, but very practical vehicles. It is a great convenience, because in the event of damage to the equipment, you do not have to worry about anything. All you need to do is report the defect and the manufacturer will send a courier to collect the damaged product from you, and after some time will bring you the repaired electric scooter. The price of transport of the advertised equipment is also not your concern, because the guarantor covers all costs. When you buy our device, you choose a practical solution for both teenagers and adults.

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